Alex Lynham | Curriculum Vitae

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Software and distributed systems engineer striving to expand and develop my skills, working towards putting in those 10,000 hours. Clojurian and Rubyist with years of experience on non-trivial Rails and Clojure apps. Have front-end skills with modern JS, and extensive back-end experience deploying, monitoring and orchestrating apps on bare metal, GCP and AWS using Docker and Ansible. Strong background in data engineering, data modelling and full-stack rapid prototyping. Have given talks both at North West Ruby User Group and Sheffield Ruby Group.


Setup: Ubuntu / OSX, Sublime Text (Ruby/Rails), Vim (servers), Emacs (everything else), oh-my-zsh.
Emacs.d and .vimrc available on my github.

Select Work Experience:

Sep 17 – Present Co-op Digital (Senior Software Engineer):

Working on the Digital Data Services team in a polyglot environment. Also accountable as an engineering line manager.

Key work:

- Ran a Clojure Dojo to expose CoP to FP in general and Clojure specifically

- Proof-of-concept spike of task auditing system leveraging prototypically-inherited DAGs, using Clojure and MongoDB

- Tech and architecture support in data, with materials used to present to exec

- Proposed, got approval for, and led a discovery into NRT and streaming data integration patterns

- Proof-of-concept spike using Apache Kafka and Clojure

- Assessed Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) for potential use

- Worked closely with platform to stand up an ECS cluster for data work

May 16 – Present SSD Devices (Owner):

Self-taught applied electronics and digital signal processing with Spin Assembly language and bootstrapped a guitar effects side-business. Based on lean startup methodology and an MVP, generated more than £10k of business on a marketing budget of zero. Open-sourced a preamp circuit design which can be found here.

May 14 – Sep 17 Swirrl (Software Engineer):

Working on various projects as a member of an industry leading data consultancy team, from greenfield web applications using Ruby/Rails and Clojure(script) to simplifying devops processes using Docker, Ansible, AWS, Jenkins, Travis and automation scripts, and data transformation into linked RDF data. Projects have involved a combination of Ruby/Rails, Javascript and Clojure, with extensive responsibility for devops and maintenance.

Key projects have been:

- Building a Docker-based infrastructure for 11+ services across multiple servers with private APIs

- Non-trivial features for the core Swirrl product, a large Rails engine (Ruby)

- A general-case choropleth map plugin for geographic data (Ruby/JS)

- A 'shopping cart' of data cube slices and geographic data (JS)

- A green-field graph visualisation tool for work networks (Ruby/JS)

- A bootstrapping, deployment and disaster-recovery setup using Ansible

- A high visibility greenfield data register (Clojure)

- API and search applications using Rails, Clojure, Clojurescript and re-frame

- A number ETL and data pipeline projects (Clojure)

- Near real-time (NRT) processing of data feeds from sensors in New Zealand (Clojure/Ruby)

- Travis and Jenkins CI setups

Aug 13 – May 14 Malinko (UX Developer):

A complete overhaul of the front-end of a large Rails app, with responsibility for UX testing as well. Helped move the app to using the assets pipeline with v3.2, implemented then maintained a test suite using RSpec, re-wrote core features and improved interactivity with new JavaScript features as well as Ember prototypes. Also responsible for a new brand identity, logo, typefaces, style guide and mentoring an entry-level developer as a direct report.

Oct 12 – Present Freelance Web Developer:

Developed a number of websites, single-page and more complex Rails web applications using a responsive, mobile-first approach.

Oct 11 – Aug 12 Mosquito Digital (Digital Project Co-ordinator):

Project managed website design and build, responsible for strategy and implementation of digital marketing campaigns, bid management and SEO. Understood client needs and delivered projects to meet those, as well as managing stakeholders during the process.

Jun 11 - Present TeamRock [Prog, Metal Hammer], DIY Magazine, Upset Magazine, Future Publishing [Total Guitar, Music Radar] (Columnist/Freelancer):

Write a bi-issue post-rock column for Prog, and monthly pedal column for Total Guitar. Contribute new music features, reviews, photography and main features to Prog Magazine, Music Radar, Metal Hammer, DIY and Upset.

May 10 – Present Superstar Destroyer Records (Press/Management):

Co-founded a label and continue to manage bands and co-ordinate press. Have had bands featured in national/international press and built them up to international touring.


→ University of Manchester: Modern History with Economics BA(Hons).

{ Grade:2.1” }

→ Godalming College: A Levels.

{ History:A”, Economics:A”, English:A”, French:B” }

→ Training courses and miscellaneous study:

CMU Royalties and Copyright (July 2011)
Futureworks Film Editing with Final Cut Pro (Sept 2012)
Udacity CS101 Introduction to Computer Science (Feb 2013)
MadLab Intro to Arduino and Physical Computing (Apr 2013)
Udacity CS252 Programming Languages (Mar 2013, Dec 2014)
Hot Bed Press Typesetting for Designers (Sept 2013)
Hot Bed Press Photo Screen Printing (Oct 2013)
Coursera Introduction to Programming for Musicians and Digital Artists (Nov 2013-Jan 2014)
Udacity The Design of Everyday Things (Dec 2013)